STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sweater Dress? Check!

The spring semester has finally started at Temple University and with that said, one of more popular trends that I have seen out a lot lately on campus is the sweater dress. The sweater dress is a perfect way to stay stylish during the brisk winter season. The sweater dress is easy to dress up for a fancy dinner out in the city and it's also easy to dress down for a casual lunch.

I spotted this Fashionista wearing the popular trend along with other fashionable styles. The Fashionista is wearing a navy blue sweater dress from Forever 21. After seeing it so much on campus, I did my research and Victoria's Secret has sweater dresses in a bunch of styles and my particular favorite was this one. It's adorable and in a neutral color to easily coordinate with your other accessories. 

The Fashionista is also wearing another one of my favorites which are colored leggings. Don't get me wrong, black leggings are major necessity but colored leggings are way more fun. I'm a girl who loves shopping on a budget and I discovered that Target had a huge selection of leggings at a reasonable price. The leggings at Target also come in many different colors!

She also wears the cowboy boots, which is an interesting style to me because the style comes and goes, but when it's around, it's always so much fun! It's definitely a conversation starter; I asked the Fashionista what made her bring out the boots and she replied that they were just fun to wear.

So with the new semester I'm excited to see everyone on campus' new wardrobe for the year!

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