With second semester under way, sunny Arizona has begun to heat up again. After only one month of cold (or cooler) weather, we’re back to wearing short sleeves and beginning to bare legs in order to prevent heat exhaustion. As a Tempe native, the absolute must-have item for a Phoenician is a pair of sunglasses. Perhaps one of the best inventions ever made, they shade your eyes from the bright sun whilst coming in endless shapes and styles to fit naturally with any Fashionista/o’s style.

This Fashionista sports a pair of adorable heart-shaped sunglasses – an item that may seem like a risky fashion choice, but in reality works wonderfully with her outfit. Her vintage T-shirt and rugged boots create just enough ‘tough’ to go with the cuteness of the glasses, clearly avoiding the realm of goofy. By choosing a playful pair of lenses, she’s adding character to her ensemble, something that’s much needed in every outfit.

As mentioned previously, there are many shapes and sizes of sunglasses. My style advice of the week is to try incorporating a fun or unusual pair of glasses into your wardrobe. My favorite heart-shaped ones  are the Love Alive Sunglasses from ModCloth, the Sweetheart Sunnies from FredFlare and the Lolita Heart Shades from NastyGal. Any of these great glasses are bound to make basking in the Arizona sun on the way to class much more bearable, if not actually pleasurable.

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