STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Swoosh Goes the Sting

Of all the powers bestowed upon clothes by the fashion world, reminiscence is the most magical to me. The idea that simply seeing an outfit can bring back memories is both whimsical and comforting. When I caught sight of this Fashionista, her Charlotte Hornets shirt reminded me of the prominent NBA games of my childhood. I didn't actually care much for sports, but living in North Carolina and having a dad who fervently cheered for the Hornets made me a fan by association. I've always thought sports were interesting in this way — even if you don't think you care about the game, a feeling of unity can easily overwhelm you when you're surrounded by people who do care. Aside from instances of tragedy and patriotism, sport is probably the most successful method of unification in our country. 

Back to fashion. Although I've rambled on an on about this Fashionista's shirt, it was her bright pink skirt that initially attracted me. For some reason, this hue reminds me of the color coral. Both shades are girly yet still sophisticated in their skirt form. This Fashionista challenged the color's femininity by wearing a hoodie and tomboyish shoes. These darker pieces readily contrast with the skirt, and the entire mix is why she stands out, bringing back childhood memories of a different sort. The outfit, which is mostly composed of thrifted items, reminds me of the days of dress-up, when we dressed stylishly because we dressed for our own amusement. Honestly, the outfits of yesteryear resemble those crazy, über-admired runway ensembles more than our grown-up clothes do. This Fashionista's outfit should encourage us to retain the inherent and intended fearlessness of fashion.

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