A good t-shirt is like gold. When I think of my favorites, faded lettering, worn down fabric and completely random insignias come to mind. What makes a good t-shirt great is not necessarily what the writing means or what the logo stands for, but how you came to acquire that precious gem. The best ones are those that make little sense or have little relevance to your specific path of life, but continually contribute to pop culture.

Okay, a vintage tee isn’t necessarily high fashion, but it’s an item that adds the same amount of personality that a pair of Jimmy Choos do. This Fashionista exudes monstrous levels of personality through only her t-shirt, and the rest of the outfit follows suit. The garment reads, “Stick to Coffee and Alcohol.” How fitting that I found her during a Starbucks date, and right around the corner from Bloomington’s favorite bar. She admits, “I love this shirt, but I don’t even know what the Japanese writing means.” If anything, the uncertainty makes it even more of a keeper; the English is enough for me.

Hint: My most treasured tees have been hand-me-downs, Goodwill finds or traded with friends. A fair trade (t-shirt for t-shirt) with a friend adds excitement to your wardrobe—who cares if you didn’t play soccer at Orchard Park High School? Now you have a bangin’ shirt and a conversation starter. If you none of the previous options are possible, Urban Outfitters has vintage-inspired tees galore. In addition, Palmer Cash has a quirky mix of t-shirts that will garner some interested attention from onlookers.

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