Among all the baggy outfits seen on campus, it is nice to see a classic, tailored look on a guy. This Fashionisto is wearing a buttoned up shirt, tie, grey cardigan, khaki slim pants, and some casual black shoes. His ensemble gives off a classy vibe that we do not usually see on a younger guy.  I appreciated the simplicity and well fitted look of his outfit. Sometimes we need to ignore all the current crazy trends and revisit our timeless items that we have to create a classic look.

That being said, it is easy to create this outfit with must-have items that you should already have. One must-have item is a versatile cardigan. A cardigan goes with almost any look and can effortlessly dress up any outfit. Another must-have item is a well-fitted button up shirt. It is important to be aware of what kind of fabric the shirt is made out of. You want to buy a shirt with a fabric that can be worn for both a casual and dressy outfit. Try a cotton Oxford shirt. For a dressier look like this Fashionisto, wear this type of shirt with khakis (another must-have item!) or with corduroys. You can easily wear this type of shirt with a denim pant and a hoodie for a more casual look, too.

The important thing to know about these three must-have items is that they are timeless and can transform any outfit into a classier, tailored style. Wear all items at once and you will be the classiest guy around, like this Fashionisto!

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