STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Take On the Rain in Style

Rain, rain go away! Come again some other day! It seems like if it’s not 100 degrees and humid then it is just raining, One day, Boston finally will get it right! But as long as it is going to pour, you might as well be prepared to get soaked, and look cute doing so!

I was lucky enough to catch this Fashionista out and about for the few minutes that the sky was rain free. Of course the rain started up again a few minutes later, but this Fashionista was prepared. Her high Hunter rain boots are not only perfect for taking on the moisture and puddles, but they are also a fabulous accessory that will actually make you look forward to getting dressed on a rainy day.

When the weather is rough, it’s hard to find a look that is both functional and chic, but a great pair of rain boots can completely change that. To get this Fashionista’s look, get yourself a colorful pair of Hunter wellies and pair them with a similar-colored sweater or bright umbrella. Trust me, these boots are so cute, you will be checking the weather report daily, hoping for some rain to wear them in! To really get some attention in the rain, try these cheetah boots or these buckle wellies. Looking for a rain boot with attitude? Definitely try these wellies from Urban Outfitters! Not only are rain boots great for taking on those giant puddles and keeping your footsies dry, but they are even better for expressing a little personality on a dreary day. Don’t let the rain get you down, grab some wellies!

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