Fashion is about taking risks and expressing yourself. When I spotted this Fashionista and her sheer shirt and maxi skirt I was hooked. Both sheer and maxi skirts are the two trends I have had the most trouble incorporating into my ensembles. I feel that the two pieces need to be placed in the right combination in order to work. I had never thought of putting the two together, until I saw this Fashionista and thought to myself that the mixture of this fashion forward outfit, and her personal style, was phenomenal.  

The sheer pastel shirt complements her tan maxi skirt flawlessly. The design of the shirt creates a casual but chic look to the outfit and sits very nicely on her waist with the tie. However, the cherry on top of this ensemble is the fusion of black. This Fashionista's simple black undergarment makes the outfit fashionably acceptable for daytime activities. In some cases, it's easy for the undergarment to distract from the quality of the outfit, but in this instance, it enhances her ensemble perfectly. Paired with a black watch and boots, the accessories contrast with the lighter colors this Fashionista chose on this rather warm afternoon.

Another word I would use to describe this outfit is unique. Unique in the sense that although her outfit choice is very trendy, it expresses a lot about who she is. Right away I could tell she was comfortable, confident and content. It's amazing what an outfit can say about a person. Deciding to rock a sheer shirt or a maxi skirt can sometimes be intimidating, but in the end, taking the risk will feel like you've conquered the world. Check out how style blogger Nicole Loher wears her maxi skirt, and for your own touch of sheer, American Apparel has got you covered. So take a fashion risk this week, I promise it will be worth it.

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