STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Take the Grace Out of Lace

Let me introduce you to the latest of a good thing gone bad: lace. While we traditionally reserve the delicate sheer for our grandmother’s house, it is time we take the innocence out of this sheath. How so? Introduce this fabric to the most mutinous material in town: leather. Yes, Elvis may have just rolled over in his grave and Uncle Jesse undoubtedly shouted “have mercy,” but may we let these rebels rest assured. With lace we simply add a touch of sass and class to all of leather that is badass.

Today’s Fashionista rebels in this duo while wearing a white lace blouse with leather shorts. Satin trim and floral décor on her lace shirt impart a flirtatious innocence; this is downplayed by her choice of bottoms. Shorts suggest a sense of risqué in the outfit in that they bare skin, while leather commands attention. Spurring echoes of the grunge era, she renounces the lace’s purity with worn black combat boots. To further temper and unite the fabrics, top your leather and lace with an oversized cardigan and chunky scarf as this fashionista did. Additional elements of fabric create dimension within the outfit.

While a subdued leather and lace look loves the day, this duo is at its prime come nighttime. Lace is a harmonious matrimony of innocence and allure, while leather suggests rebellion, whim, and perhaps foregoing your end of night schlep down frat row for a ride on a Harley. This paradoxical combination instills a sense of mystery that will have suitors aching to know more about you. Transform this Fashionista’s daytime outfit by replacing a sweater and boots with a fitted blazer and black pumps for a rebelliously chic getup. Additional nighttime pairings include leather skinny pants with a form fitting lace body suit or a lace bodycon dress topped with a cropped leather jacket. Complete your look with a dangerously dangling earrings and a smoldering smoky eye to enhance the mysterious allure your outfit exudes.

Whether it be for day or night, pair leather with lace and you'll be the sassiest, classiest vixen in any place.

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