As final exams wrap up, many students begin the long trek home to visit family and friends. And sometimes packing for traveling can be a daunting task that everyone tends to put off until the last minute. In an effort to make packing for vacation less of a burden, my advice for this week is to mix and match unexpected pieces in your wardrobe for travel. Do not be afraid to mix prints and patterns for a surprisingly unique twist. Plus, it makes deciding what to wear on vacation a lot easier when everything you’ve brought with you can be worn in any combination.

Take note from this Fashionista- her outfit has a great mix of soft and hard pieces. The airy skirt is the girly shade of honeysuckle- which happens to be Pantone’s color of 2011. She’s matched the skirt with a basic gray long sleeved shirt and the ever-so-popular combat boot which was featured a couple weeks back. Her outfit has a sense of character with a pen clipped to her necklace and a bag that is oversized.

In recreating this Fashionista’s look, I suggest doing the chiffon polka dot skirt in the peach color from Forever 21. It has an elastic waistband that will be comfortable for long plane or car rides. Throw on this patterned cardigan in black from Urban Outfitters for added warmth and style. And of course you’ll need a weekender to carry all of your items in- I suggest the Pendleton jerome print weekender bag which can be found at ASOS.

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