STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Technicolor Attack

Today’s style advice of the week brings to mind two things: the raging psychedelic parties of the '60s and the brightly colored pants worn by swarms of models during Fashion Week. I left feeling bright and bubbly after my photo shoot with today’s Fashionista. If your outfit can elicit such an excited display of emotions from your observers, you’ve got to be commended.

Bright colors are in and so are patterns, so why not try combining the two? Since both trends are already bold statements, we’re going to have to approach this look with a little bit of caution. Take today’s Fashionista as an example. As wild as the colors and the patterns are in her outfit, she looks meticulously put together. She selected a wide, flowing, long sleeve shirt and paired it with a skirt in a solid color that is very similar to the colors in her shirt. Then she used her black boots and tights to down play the action up top, while still adding a final hint of flair with her tie-dyed socks. You could imagine such a shirt would be pretty hard to find, but if you check out a thrift store (that’s what today’s Fashionista did) you will probably be able to find some bright items.

The best advice I can give you in order to pull of a similar outfit is to have fun with it! Go bright and bold with your colors and pattern up top, but keep your bottom somewhat muted. I’m sure you can find similar shirts in many of the thrift shops in Little Five Points.

Disclaimer: Your outfit will illicit a lot of attention, but hey, isn’t that what fashion is all about!?


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