I spotted this Fashionista making a statement in a graphic tank, an unbuttoned denim shirt, a comfy pair of leggings and her classic Converse. Her outfit is very laid-back and comfortable but adorable. She easily makes the transition into fall pairing her favorite printed tank top for summer with a pair of leggings and a long-sleeved shirt.

Graphic tops have long been a go-to look because of their comfort and instant style. While it can be a fun adventure to scour thrift shops searching for T-shirts from the year you were born (totally guilty), there are also many other places to get T-shirts that scream style online and otherwise. It can be really original to personalize by wearing T-shirts from your hometown and from your favorite sports teams.

Also you do not have to worry about putting away your favorite tank top from summer just yet because as our Fashionista demonstrated, it can be easily worn into the fall layered with a jean jacket, cardigan or button-up. This summer, was all about the cut-outs and deep arm holes but by layering a screen tank with a long sleeve shirt, it can be instantly class appropriate.

Playful printed tees have been more present than ever this past year. Many make a nod to pop-culture both present and past. Also with the upcoming election nearly in full swing why not endorse your favorite candidate in a cute and memorable way?

To start a fun T-shirt collection that can go beyond the gym, I recommend picking up shirts when visiting friends at other colleges and when vacationing in interesting locations. These kinds of shirts are the ones that make fun stories and are great conversation starters. If you are looking to start an entirely new collection, I suggest you check out Junk Food Clothing, which has a lot of fun shirts, which feature both retro icons and cool designs.

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