Add a new dimension to your typical layered look by playing with not just pattern, but texture as well. Beads! Feathers! Leather! Lace! Let your inner child guide you while getting dressed in the morning. Why not wear your new furry jacket with your favorite textured tights and beaded headband? Or your knit poncho with your bandage skirt? Think of your outfit as a succulent fruit salad– just add in everything that looks appetizing. I love the way these Fashionistas fearlessly toy with texture (with their outfits as well as with their hair!). 

Want to shake up your style for the new school year? Look for classic pieces with an unexpected twist. Zara's long hair jacket looks awesome with the omission of sleeves and addition of a hood. Shock your pencil skirt life in the form of dots, ruffles, and tiers– just check out Anthropologie's Coming & Going skirt.

Hint: Wondering where to find such fantastically wacky textures? Look no further than our own campus. One of today's Fashionistas revealed that her shoes came from a clothing giveaway at the dorms. Occasionally, cheap clothes are sold garage sale-style on upper and lower Sproul.

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