STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Thankfully Toggled

October has come and gone and we are welcoming November, which means colder weather and a palpable anticipation for turkey dinner and seeing the Rockettes dance at Herald Square. And as I have said before (as have other Style Gurus, such as Katie from the University of Colorado) coats and jackets are crucial. There are so many chic coats this season, it is necessary to have one or two to really spice up your wardrobe and stay warm. I love the bright yellow of this Fashionista’s coat. It is eye-catching without being overdone. Another very popular style is the toggle. It is an alternative to just a button-up or a zipper coat, and adds a bit of fun. A short toggle coat is something that will last through the winter months and into next season. It is classic but still has a modern flair. This makes it perfect for right now while the economy is still trying to recover (not to mention, most of us are on tight college budgets anyway.) As we all start making our Thanksgiving plans, whether you will be watching football or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (in my life it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without seeing Snoopy) one thing is for certain, a toggle coat will make your holiday trip home or to a loved one’s a little more fashionable and warm.

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