This past week Spokane weather transitioned from a sunny fall day to a snowy wind storm in a matter of minutes. While the snow didn't stick (thankfully), it was a good reminder to embrace these last couple weeks of fall before leaving the house in a full parka will become mandatory.

I was lucky to spot this Fashionista just before the switch in weather, donning a knit jacket, cozy sweater, bright orange scarf and one of the most popular fall staples, tan boots. Colorful accessories are easily some of the most versatile pieces a girl can own. They don't need to cost an arm and a leg, and can spice up the most simplistic looks.

I love what a well-chosen accent piece can do for an outfit. For this Fashionista, her eye-catching scarf instantly amped up the casualness of her weekend style. The color stands out against the grey and blue tones, while perfectly complementing the array of fall leaves still in place. 

Even with temps dropping, outfits should not be slacking. While it's so easy to slip into sweats and a sweatshirt on days when the temperature barely hits double digits, it's equally as easy to add a powerful accessory. These simple finds from scarves and hats to jewelry and handbags may be tiny, but when worn in bright shades they offer a poweful punch. 



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Trends come and go, but style is forever. There’s nothing more admirable than seeing a Fashionista/o take a trend and revamp it, making it updated and their own. When I caught this Fashionista downtown, I was drawn to her creative way of dressing up last season’s must-have, the maxi skirt.

This Fashionista kicked off her look with a black, fitted, maxi skirt found at a local boutique. To balance out the length, she paired her skirt with a cropped cream three-quarter length sleeve lace blouse. The detail of this top was eye-catching as it had a floral pattern layered on top of the lace, a refreshing alternative to many of the lace tops we often spot on campus.

Next, she accessorized with a turquoise necklace which was “gifted by a good friend,” explained this Fashionista. Right when I thought her chunky necklace paired with her stack of thrifted bracelets and feather hair extensions added just enough boldness to her casually chic attire, she topped it all off with a head wrap. The hair accessory took her look to a whole different level as the dramatic statement piece added a quintessential yet unexpected boho vibe, giving us something to wrap our heads around (pun intended).

The headwrap takes confidence. It’s been an ongoing trend for years but thanks to Miss Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City 2, the trend has been in full swing ever since the film hit theatres. The headwrap is an attention grabbing piece and therefore in no way can hide you from a bad hair day like a hat can so conveniently do. The headwrap can, however, pull a look together as this Fashionista proves as she enhanced her naturally curly locks with a funky printed wrap form her favorite local boutique.

Finally, she paired her thrifted red flats with her red hobo bag large enough for to be used to carry-all for class but still practical for a daily use. The look wasn’t too matchy-matchy as pairing colors can help an outfit look a little more uniform.

To recreate this Fashionista’s trendy boho but funky chic look, pair a black maxi skirt with almost any top. For her exact look, try a lace top such as this one from American Apparel. Add chunky accessories like a turquoise necklace, feather earrings and stacked bracelets. Complete your boho chic look with a funky printed headwrap. Color match your flats to your bag and you'll be channeling this Fashionista's urban gypsy look! 


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Through the long, winter months, scarves begin to feel a bit like shackles- just another additional add-on to the layers of suffocating bulk.  However, before the snow falls, scarves and wraps are a few of our favorite accessories.  They’re a versatile piece and can be worn in a variety of different ways.  They keep you cozy through the fall breeze and add fun pops of color and prints to your ensemble without making you sweat.  Not to mention, they can be incredibly affordable (for a Fashionista on a budget), or come in super-luxe, worth-your-money fabrics that will last you a lifetime. 

I chased this Fashionista down en route to work.  Her red and black scarf is initially what caught my eye, but it wasn’t until I got closer that I realized how edgy-chic and Fashionista-worthy her outfit was.  She paired her silk, skull-and-cross bone scarf with a crisp, white, button-up  top.  On bottom, she donned a pair of black moto-inspired jeggings with zippers at the ankle.    To balance out this edgy look, this Fashionista wore a pair of nude oxfords and toted a big black bag for her school supplies.  

For a look similar to this Fashionista’s, begin by combining your favorite pair of skinnies with a button-up oxford.  Next, add a scarf of your choice in a fun print or color.  To “wrap up” the look (we fashionistas love a good fashion pun), throw on a black motorcycle jacket and a pair of flats.  And voila, you too are edgy-chic!



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