STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Alexander Wang Male

Through the past four years, trend setting seasons and jam-packed front row seats during fashion week, Alexander Wang has become a new age icon. The urban gypsy boy from San Francisco has set New York City on fire with leather, jersey, and models. He has redefined a sense of style combing grunge chic, model off duty aesthetic, and never ending parties. Although these designs remain only for womankind, the modern male has found a way to tweak the equation. The disposable accounts of a downtown-thriving, sidewalk-strutting, dancing-in-the-night Fashionisto have perfected this effortless ensemble. This Fashionisto looks cool and full of attitude prowling the streets with nothing but MGMT as his theme song. 

There are four major categories in creating the Alexander Wang guy look: top, bottoms, footwear, and accessories. The color palette is always dark neturals like black, navy blue, gray and white. All of these are, of course, injected with high quality, sleek detail and volume. With a top, you want something that drapes well on the body, relays a sheer factor, and shows some collar bone. The best options are a long sleeve pima cotton, pocket tee, or a low neck cut shirt. These are basics that will last you a lifetime. For bottoms, it’s all about playing with exaggeration. Go for a harem style or a blousy trouser. After some slight cuffing the next step is footwear, and it’s all about boots with a little danger. Try a vintage combat or an artillery lace up. The final touches are where a little gotti appeal is in hand. Have your way with a Rocco Duffle or a Diego Bucket Bag of your own, shield the rays in killer Super eyewear, and a cherry-on-top cap. The look is attainable but definitely acquired. This isn’t for academy school boys buttoning up their oxfords shirts. The Alexander Wang Male is a guy who likes to bend the rules, play with androgyny, and make bad oh so chic.

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