STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Allure of the Twill Blazer

There once was a time when defining the style of a well dressed man was described by wearing a suit and tie. Now that fashion has grown and exceeded to providing a wide variety of options for them, men can now exemplify their personal style in formal wear while still looking sartorially trendy. In today’s male wardrobe, there should be a twill blazer hanging up in every guy’s closet. The twill blazer is a key component in the male wardrobe and has many advantages due to its versatility.

The typical style twill blazer is usually pretty simple with two or three button styles. They range in several different fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk; and include a variety of colors. There are also twill blazers in patterns such as plaid, houndstooth and herringbone. Today's Fashionisto is sporting a black and white houndstooth twill blazer to add style and detail to his all black attire. When purchasing your twill blazer, make sure you consider the cut and style of the garment. Most importantly ensure the shoulders fit properly.

Twill blazers are great transitional pieces and can be worn in the workplace, in a casual setting and even a night out on the town. Darker colors are more appropriate for the workplace because it gives a professional, conservative look. Brighter colors and patterned blazers are more appropriate for casual and going out settings. For the workplace, one could wear a dark colored blazer pairing it with a cotton button up shirt, a coordinating tie, cardigan, and a dark pair of slacks. This creates a very sharp look that says I’m all about business and looking good at the same time. Take that same outfit but instead of the slacks pair it with jeans and sneakers.

Remove the tie to create an appealing casual look. You could also choose a bright color like a red blazer and combine it with a khaki colored producer pant, a blue and white striped tee shirt, a cardigan and penny loafers or oxfords for a fun casual look. For a night out on the town, one can go for a patterned blazer such as houndstooth or herringbone, and pair it with a cardigan and turtleneck. Jeans or slacks would coordinate well with this look depending on how formal the outing is. 

A twill blazer will look well on anyone who possesses confidence in the outfit they are wearing. Once you have created a satisfying look, go out and show it off!

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