STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Alternative to Pants

I don't know about you, but I've started listening to Christmas music already – that means it's absolutely freezing. Yet, this Fashionista has opted out of the easy option of jeans and sweatpants and opted for stockings. But you can't wear any ordinary stockings out in the freezing cold. They have to be thick stockings. Then after choosing the stockings, the shorts you choose also affect the outfit. Don't wear the short shorts that some people confuse for underwear. Choose a loose jean short or a longer dark khaki to complement the thicker leggings. 

This Fashionista also incorporates the menswear trend with the button-up white shirt. She also has details on her thick stockings which adds more fashion to her outfit. Her otherwise simple jacket and shoes add a comfortable look to the outfit, making her prepared for class. 

A couple great options for thick stockings:

1) Casual Lolita Black High Thick Navy Stockings 

2) Simple Cable-knit Sweater Stockings 

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