STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Ambiguity Between Inside and Out

Fear not, for many fashion rules are even more fashion-forward when broken. This Fashionista did a great job of turning the rules inside out for a funky, eclectic look. Her look gives off the loveliest free-flowing and confident vibes. She followed her own rules and her own heart to create this truly unique look. A beautiful inside created a beautiful outside.
Speaking of inside-out, we’ve all been taught that the vest is supposed to go over your blouse. This Fashionista used the assumed outerwear as her top instead! Are you inspired to try this on for size, but lacking that key article? Look out for a vest with a great fit and good coverage like this one on sale at Esprit. They also have a few more, so continue to browse the site for several more options.

Just wearing a vest can leave you a bit exposed, and you may want a coverup, (unless you’re venturing out into the nightlife, where you can definitely dare to wear a vest on its own). This Fashionista pairs her vest with one of the trendy drape sweaters that you’re sure to have seen around. I love its free form in contrast to the tailored vest. The same contrast is also played up with her ripped jeans and tuxedo heels.

Using the most conventional pieces in new and interesting ways is a great way to reinvent your wardrobe. You can create an endless amount of interesting looks with items you already have, especially if you mix conservative pieces with more rebellious ones. Contrast always creates interest. So don’t be afraid to break the rules! Don’t be afraid to redefine clothing’s use! It can take you further than the rules do, as showcased perfectly by this Fashionista.

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