Men with their own sense of style are hard to come by these days on a college campus. For the most part, guys dress like every other fraternity guy across the country. However, when a man wears something different, people take notice. It doesn’t have to be something that makes a crazy statement, but it should be something that shows individuality and personal flair. A man should never be afraid to shop at thrift or vintage stores to find unique items that will set them apart from those frat boys that us college students are all so familiar with.

This Fashionisto is one of the men that does have personal style. He reminded me of one of the American workers from the 1930s Depression era. He looks as though he could have been a craftsman, farmer or construction worker. There’s something about him that looks very historical, but still modern and street chic. The tears in his paint-splattered clothing may turn some people off, but I think it adds an interesting element to some otherwise plain pants. The paint reveals that he could be an artist and the rips suggest that he is a hard worker, much like the men of the 1930s. 

Everyone from Ralph Lauren to Louis Vuitton has shown 1930s-inspired men’s fashion on the runways. There’s something about the classic fitted suit, suspenders and tall socks that screams historical fashion icon.

It’s never a bad idea to take fashion cues from history. Classic prints, fits and shapes will never go out of style and even wear and tear can elevate your look to something a little different than the everyday T-shirt and jeans.

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