STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Art of Casual Dressing

College students everywhere, myself included, often fall into the habit of throwing on clothing and running out the door. Unfortunately, this typically ends up in a sad display of oversized sweatpants and flip flops, a Fashionista’s nightmare!

This Fashionisto shows, however, that there is an art to dressing casually. I instantly spotted his smart analogous color scheme while crossing the street and was drawn to how great the mixing and matching worked together. Sticking to similar colors in different shades, this look has a great variety that still retains its comfort. For the Fashionistos out there wanting to replicate this look, Topman offers a great variety of bold shorts and unique pieces. Ladies, don’t let the guys have all the fun! Try out these matching shorts from J.Crew.

When mixing bold colors, remember to keep it simple in design. A plain, solid T-shirt in a saturated color is the perfect accent to keep the look unified.

To top off the color palette, try a loose jersey scarf like these from American Apparel. Jersey scarves are incredibly comfortable, and make a T-shirt look instantly fashionable. If you are feeling crafty, make one of these great scarf options to spice up your look!

Finally, throw the rest of your look together with some simple headwear. For the sports lovers or trendy Fashionistos out there, baseball caps are the perfect option. For the Fashionistas, a head wrap or scarf is the perfect way to tie hair up quickly and still look put together.

Mix and match saturated colors to revamp your basics. It will take your “just rolled out of bed” look and make it completely fashionable.

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