STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Beauty and The Belt

Ever since Sarah Jessica Parker rocked that amazing studded belt as Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie, I have become obsessed with belts. While finding the perfect belt is a great feat, it is completely worth it. It’s one of the many tools any great Fashionista should have in her arsenal at all times. Skinny belts, thick belts, colorful belts, embellished belts- no matter what your preference, everyone needs at least a couple. A thick belt, as worn by this Fashionista, adds shape to any dress and defines the waist. Adding a belt also adds a splash of color and a bit of detail to any plain dress, while creating an amazing silhouette. Another belted look that I absolutely love is a simple cardigan with a skinny belt, pulling it in around the waist. It makes the cardigan look a little less plain, is a fabulous use of the accessory, and will make you stand out in the most stylish sense. As the school year rolls on and we all start buckling down to the books, don

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