STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Best Summer Shorts

From Daisy Duke’s iconic, sexy cut-offs to this Fashionista’s high-waisted style, denim shorts are, no doubt, the quintessential summer staple for every girl. They are much more comfortable than pants and far more casual than a dress. If this summer is anything like last summer’s incessant hundred-degree weather, denim shorts will once again be my uniform of choice.

Pretty much every retailer out there has a ton of different options for shorts, but I think there are three basic styles that should be in every Fashionista’s closet: short shorts, boyfriend shorts and high-waisted shorts. For trips to the beach or for hanging out at home — especially if you don’t have air conditioning — I recommend short shorts. A low-rise pair, like the Rae Short from GUESS, isn’t as restricting as a high-waisted short and easily covers up swimsuit bottoms. On the other hand, or should I say leg, there is the boyfriend short. I love the slouchy look of Lucky Brand's Abbey Short, which is more likely to be more work or family barbeque-appropriate than the shorter ones. Target also has a pretty good version of the boyfriend short for only twenty dollars! Finally, high-waisted shorts are perfect for almost any other summer occasion. Even a basic T-shirt can be jazzed up when tucked into a pair of shorts like the BDG High-Rise and paired with a statement necklace. This Fashionista added a pop of color to her high-waisted shorts with a striped neon sweater. Sandals always work with shorts, but I love that she added oxfords instead.

Hopefully you agree with my choices for must-have summer shorts, and if you have a favorite style that I didn’t mention, I would love to hear your comments.


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