There are few things in life I've always been hesitant about: cauliflower, Steve from Blue's Clues, and vests. 

Now I know what you're thinking, “What's strange about cauliflower?” It's like albino broccoli, okay?! Why does it have no color? It's strange and I don't want to eat it.

But anyways, lets get back to talking about vests. As adventurous as I can be about different types of clothes (I even bough overalls a couple years ago when I thought they were coming back in style); the vest is the one thing I've always been slightly nervous to wear. My mom gave me her old jean vest probably 5 years ago and it still sits it my closet. I never really know how or when to wear them and I always have vest envy when I see girls wearing them out effortessly.

However, this winter I intend to change that. I'm going to go out and buy a really awesome vest and wear it around like I'm the queen of vests. No hesitation. 

This college fashionista was my inspiration. She works the vest in a more minimalist way that works if you're going for a simple or classic style. She chooses a neutral color and pairs it with a simple, long sleeve white shirt, jeans, and riding boots. 

The puffy vest look is great if you're going for that J.Crew-esque look. You can pretty much wear it with anything as long as your bottoms stay at a low volumes (skinny jeans, leggings, or a straight skirt). Another look that is great for the more classic look is the shearling look where the same rules apply. Classic yet cozy. 

The give off a more glam look, faux fur vests are coming back in a big way. You can pick a more neutral color and style like this or you can go for more crazy and fun like this! Because these vests are so out there, I feel like no rules apply for the rest of the outfit–just have fun!

So don't be strangely hesitant like I was; go out and rock these awesome winter vests! (Save all that nervous energy for things that are worthy– like colorless foods)


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