This season's hottest accessory for Fashionistos might possibly be a bike. When running late to class (and we know you are), hopping on your bicycle not only gets you to class on time but also acts as a fashionable add on to your already suave look. Today's Fashionisto was no stranger to the bike trend and was spotted darting between classes on a brisk fall day.

This trendsetter's bike was not the only part of his look I couldn't resist. His dapper uniform was definitely impressive and worth noting. In a crowd full of lazy sweat pant wearing boys, this Fashionisto stayed true to his enate fashion sense but keeping a more polished look with his white blazer and handkerchief. Yes, riding a bicycle in a blazer and jeans can present difficulty but being fashionable is always worth the challenge. No one says it was easy!

Take note from Tommy Ton's GQ street style where he showcases numerous fellows making a statement with their bicycle. There is no better time then now to invest in a bike for class. Get rolling Fashionistos!

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