STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEk: The Black and The Blue

Due to recent discovery, I have learned that the majority of people commonly find mixing black and blue together a faux pas! It goes under the list with brown and black or white after Labor Day. I demand a recount on that vote because when done right the combo exemplifies a bold and intellectual touch. This Fashionisto has the classic ensemble of blazer along with bow tie and considering the heat looking this chic is commendable and always transfers during high temperatures. With the warm navy blue shirt and solid black fixtures on top there’s a stylish masculinity that is conveyed effortlessly. When dressing up sometimes it’s refreshing to fall back on the basics with a fine detail that is highlighted by color. Summer doesn’t always need the pastel or the neon. There is always room for the opposite end of the color scheme, which brings me to the point of the misconception of the two colors. They both are dark and deep colors and in some cases can look muddy or lost in an outfit. Instead balance out pieces by forming a sleek and simple silhouette punched with this refined color pallet. It’s something fun and appropriate for office hours and the night life to follow. Accessories always play key to categorizing day to night and I’m getting the idea that some are catching on because you can find the duo in some great other variations. A pair of sunglasses, a sweater, and even a wallet can have a modern flair. The choice is yours just have some fun living life on the edge on a pleasant cliché. Along with being bold and beautiful darken up with the black and the blue.

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