Black skirts come in all types of shapes, lengths and textures. Today, it is a common staple item in any Fashionista’s wardrobe. Whether it is fall or summer, it is inevitable and near impossible to avoid the classic, black skirt. They are everywhere after all, and it’s all about how the individual chooses to execute it that makes it a unique style all its own. The black skirt can easily be dressed up or down, and it is a great item to throw on and easily call an outfit. 

This week’s Fashionista executes the black skirt impeccably. She pairs her black skirt with a knitted, bulky sweater. These particular sweaters are fantastic for fall; they’ll keep you warm and are effortlessly chic. This Fashionista also pairs her black skirt with sheer black tights. Instead of adding some color to her outfit, she decides to keep her look black. Additonally, to give her ensemble an edgy side, she wears black wedge booties. The embellished cross and other necklaces, as well as '60s inspired sunglasses, are the final touches to put her look together — not to mention, her perfectly tousled, ombre hair! 

Though this Fashionista is wearing a shorter black skirt, I can’t help but love this skirt. It is '50s inspired, and can add the perfect amount of femininity to any ensemble. Pairing this black skirt with a white blouse, or even a floral top, will help add more structure to the outfit. Keeping in mind the length of the black skirt, pair it with a simple pair of heels. If you chose to pair it with the white blouse, add some color by wearing a colorful heel!

So regardless of the length you chose, the black skirt is always a fashion go-to. When the weather is a bit chillier outside, pair it with funky tights. Tights can help add more texture to an outfit and they will help keep you warm. Though a black skirt hanging on a hanger may look drab, think outside the box. There are so many possibilities to dress up or down a black skirt.  So, be creative and own that black skirt!


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