Catch me on a Saturday night and, while I may fashionably late, there is one thing you can depend on- my pout will be painted with a bold lipstick (lately it's been Mac's Girl About Town). It's become my fashion mantra includes wearing a bold lip and definitely a lifestyle choice I suggest all Fashionistas embrace.

Today's trendsetter took my typical Saturday night lip and turned it into a daytime look. Her florescent purple shade did not go unnoticed as I was out on my regular street style hunt. To play up her already cool girl look, she wore the same purple hue shoes as her lip. While typically that might sound like a major no-no, on this Fashionista, it worked.

Make sure you prep your lip before applying your bold hue. Believe it or not, brush your lips with a dry toothbrush exfoliates your pout. I suggest then moisturizing with Vaseline or Chanel's hydra-treatment lip care to ensure your lipstick will gild on smoothly. I also always line my lips with a neutral color pencil to establish the shape and to make sure the lipstick stays put!

Let my Saturday night statement lip and today's Fashionista's daytime pout inspire your makeup decisions this week. And be sure to stay tuned this fall for weekly makeup tips from our Style Gurus. We're taking beauty to a whole new level!

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