Gothic feel with bright flowers, who would think these two looks would go together? When I saw these pants I thought of a Tim Burton film right away. This Fashionista had a dark look, but with a bright side: exotic, crazy and lovely all at the same time. Many designers have actually been inspired, for their 2012 fall/winter collection, by the gothic look that Tim Burton is known for.

This Fashionista wore her pants with great confidence. She made a bold statement that exuded a great deal of coolness. I am one who always dressed in black, dull colors, but she has inspired me to dig deeper into my closet and do more with my dark colors. To get similar pants for this upcoming season turn on your floral fever with these. Pair those trousers with a bright top and bomber jacket and you’re set. Everyone needs to brighten up his or her campus during the fall and winter months and printed pants are a great way to do so. You can even pair them with a sweater during the brutally cold months. This Fashionista also added some edge with her layering chain necklace. It was a perfect match for the girly, gothic pants.

It's time to get in touch with Mother Nature and our dark sides and be inspired by the imaginative places we can go, like into the world of a Tim Burton film. Now go out and show your campus how to bring the gothic chic to college campuses!

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