STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Brown and Black Duo

Combining brown and black is typically a fashion color palette “no-no,” yet I believe the paradoxical color combination can be absolutely fantastic if done correctly.

Brown and black are the quintessential colors to pair with almost any outfit, so when put together, the color duo is an unstoppable pair. The key to mixing brown and black is to make it look effortless, yet still intentional. I love how this Fashionista’s camel colored jacket makes her black accessories pop. It is best to stick with camel or lighter shades of brown. Extremely dark brown or shades that are too similar to black make it hard to define between the two and can bring about the dreaded clashing colors scenario. 

Accessories that include both black and brown are a great investment because they virtually go with every outfit. A two-toned brown and black leather bag is convenient for a Fashionista on the go to grab on her way out the door. Also, taupe paired with black is also an unusual, yet clean way to mix your neutrals. Try wearing black tights with brown boots to break the rules of color conventionality. 

Ultimately brown and black are not necessarily enemies. Focus on complementing the color duo with different shades, textures and fabrics that include black and brown.

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