While many people may not realize this, outerwear is just as important as a person’s top, shoes or pants. This statement is especially true in the fall and winter months when (in most of the country) jackets become a necessity. Personally, I love the excitement of finding a new jacket that is unique, stylish and warm. This week’s Fashionista did just that when she found this amazing cape-like jacket.

When the idea of a cape or poncho comes to mind, most people cringe from the very thought of the idea; as this can be seen as very outgoing and difficult to pull of piece of clothing. However, this fearless Fashionista dared to stand out in her camel-colored cape. The best part about capes is that there are various styles one can choose from to match their personal preference. There is the cinched-waist, the style that this week’s Fashionista is modeling, or there is also the loose and flowing style. No matter which style you may choose to wear, make sure you do so with confidence!

Also, I don't want to forget to mention the amazing color cordination in this Fashionista’s look. She flawlessly styles various neutral colors together for an all-together chic and stylish vibe. This is a great idea for those of you that like to wear all black and are looking to break out of your typical mold. It is very hard to go wrong when pairing neutrals together, so don't fear playing around with different colors!

Finally are the boots this Fashionista is rocking! While black and dark brown boots are considered necessities for most girls during the fall and winter it is always nice to break away from the basic pieces. The light brown cowboy-esque boots worn by this Fashionista are a great example of how infusing lighter color boots into your wardrobe is never a bad thing. Also, I love how these boots are a relatively unique style to your standard, and most commonly seen, riding boot.

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