On this brisk afternoon on campus, the only thing I could think of was how badly I wanted a cape. Imagine a versatile item that can go with anything, still keep you warm and can be worn on the go. As I was dreaming of my future purchase, I spotted this Fashionista in her sleek, all-black ensemble with a touch of Burberry.

There are so many reasons to own a cape. First, it is a seasonal piece, and layering can be adjusted depending on the temperature. This Fashionista chose to place her cape over a simple long sleeve shirt. However, on a much colder day, wearing it with a sweater adds extra warmth. When it’s a little less on the chilly side, the cape drapes nicely over a short sleeve T-shirt and can be paired with a skirt and tights.

Secondly, a cape is very wearable. This Fashionista displays the more casual way to style a cape by matching it with a pair of black pants and boots. This ensemble is easy to transition from day into night. I asked her what she would add when wearing her cape for an evening out on the town, and she suggested silver or gold cuffs for arm accessories with a pair of colored heels. For this Fashionista, it’s the accessories that enable an effortless transition.

Burberry’s signature print always catches one's eye, and this Fashionista uses it to her advantage to enhance the ensemble. The addition of this simple color not only adds warmth, but a level of sophistication. It’s never as complex as it seems to put together pieces that may seem intimidating. A cape makes it easy to layer and is a good piece to utilize as winter beings to come to an end.

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