As the new school year approaches, what bag will you use to lug around your laptop, books, notebooks, pens, etc? As referenced in last week’s post, your choice of carryall can either add to, or detract from your overall look. These Fashionistas are a great example of how to enhance your style with a bag. So, ok, the little orange satchel would be useless for carrying anything but a pencil, but let’s talk about it anyway because I am crazy for the bright orange leather! It reminds me of the Chloé Heloise bag when it was available in orange. One day I’ll own it….

The appeal of nautical stripes is far reaching and one of those classic seasonal prints that is timeless. Typically worn in the summer months, this print can transition into fall when paired with rugged leather pieces as seen here by this Fashionista. I love the worn-in brown leather and the utilitarian quality of this bag—perfect for carrying all your classroom necessities!

Speaking of fall, as you start to think about your upcoming wardrobe transition, consider mixing fall accessories such as bags and shoes with your favorite summer pieces. This will add uniqueness to your look while also extending the life of the garment.

Hint: For those who prefer a backpack, try Tory Burch for an updated take on the classic childhood backpack.

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