Winter, spring, summer, and fall, I have always seen this trend worn in all kinds of weather. The xfinity scarf, or as most call it as the circle scarf, has been quite popular with all the seasons. This trendy Columbia College student was found waiting for the train on a cold winters day. Although she is not as bundled as she could be, she had said that with her circle scarf, she had been able to keep her neck and head warm, all because of the many different ways the scarf can be worn. Many might see it as a simple, solid colored accessory that really isn't anything special, but that is something that is definitely debatable. 

This Fashionista knew what she was going for when she dressed herself earlier in the day; she was in a hurry and needed to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The solution? Some heather gray leggings for the comfort, a white blouse for a sophisticated touch, deep-red socks to add a little fun, oxford shoes because she had proudly found them for $5 while thrifting, a vintage fur coat for the weather, and of course–the scarf. Put it all together, and you've got a simple, stylish outfit that you can totally run around in at school and on the streets.

If you were to walk into my closet at school, I own over 10 different circle scarves in 8 different colors,so this trendsetting student definitely caught my eye with one of my favorite accessories of the seasons. I think that scarves in general are great pieces to add to outfits, giving it that extra "umph" to make your look bump up to the next step. With the circular scarves, you can wear it with just one long loop, on your head, around your neck, or any other creative way you can think of! Especially for those who like to get creative and funky with their outfits, these scarves come in many different colors, patterns, and sizes, making it available to any type of personality. Personally, I love circle scarves paired up with oversized sweaters, jeans, and a pair of some fabulous over the knee boots creating that stylish-but-comfort look. 

So, for all you trendy students out there, circle scarves are quite the accessory, even during the summer time! For now, you can go out there and look bundled and fabulous on the streets of Chicago, wearing the scarf in anyway you want. 

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