Fall has come to Chicago, and with it came the ever-changing weather. One day it's hot and sunny, the next it's almost unbearably cold and windy. That kind of weather makes it really hard to get dressed in the morning, because even if the sun is out at 8 A.M. it might look like the end of the world is near a couple hours later. That's why people from Chicago need to know how to dress smart — it's practically part of the basic survival skills out here!

This Fashionisto simply rolled up his burgundy pants and his striped shirt to get a little more air. Also, take a look at his shoes. Shoes such as TOMS (or similar styles) are great for fall, because while being completely closed, they are still airy enough in case it gets warmer outside. Plus, let's face it, they are a great addition to every art student's closet! They are low key yet immediately give you the often craved hipster edge. Besides the shoes, the color of this trendsetter's pants is a great choice for fall. Burgundy is fall's bright red, and adds a little drama to every outfit.

Choose items made out of great fabrics, and you will be able to wear the pieces throughout many seasons, seeing as burgundy comes back to trend every fall.

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