This summer Levi's jeans are making a comeback. This past weekend the iconic label was found on the backs of every Fashionista at the Catalpa music festival. These easy-to-make shorts are perfect for summer and on trend with the high waistline. I personally like the plain denim ones, but many have demonstrated creativity by adding studs or different fabrics as easy DIY projects.

This Fashionista takes this trend to the streets with her own handmade black denim Levi's shorts. She adds a western spin with her maroon Golde leather vest and Pour la Victoire ankle booties. She keeps her accessories minimal with a simple gold medallion and a studded Alexander Wang bag.

Creating these Levi's denim shorts is simple. Make the trip to the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army which will be sure to have an ample supply of '90s “mom jeans” which are perfect for creating DIY shorts for a really great price (this Fashionista paid 3 dollars for her pair). Stores such as LF, Urban Outfitters and Etsy also offer ready-made ones.

I asked this Fashionista how she made her own shorts. The first step is to purchase the quintessential “mom jeans” or high waist jeans. As noted above, Salvation Army and the Goodwill are great places to start your search. This Fashionista purchased her pair from a local Salvation Army. Next, she advises washing the jeans before trying them on and to make marks at the length that you desire. She advises to leave extra fabric if you wish to be able to roll the shorts. This Fashionista typically angles her lines so that the sides of the jeans are shorter than the inseam because that is what looks best for her body (do not be afraid to cut multiple times till you find what length and style works best for you).

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