STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Comfortable Chic

The problem many college students have with fashion is that it simply takes too much time… or at least that's what many think. We have to get up early to finish our papers, stay up late to review for quizzes and during the day we are basically just rushing around trying to make it to class on time. Most of us even have to juggle a job or two while in college just to afford the rent. So it's not surprising that when your schedule is this packed, something has to suffer, and the thing that suffers first is almost always the time we spent on getting dressed.

This week's Fashionista found a great way to look chic and fashionable while staying what can only be described as extremely comfortable! She paired a pair of leggings with a simple long sleeve sweater and added a thick-knitted oversized cardigan to keep her warm and comfy. To finish off her simple outfit she added a pop of color with her infinity scarf and her cute caramel oxfords

Also, notice how she added personality to her outfit by wearing her hair in a topknot. It looks extremely chic and is also very practical, seeing as now she won't have to bother with any bangs or loose hairs flying in her face while she is working. The nerdy glasses are also a great piece and really give her look individuality.

Next time you are running late, just throw on a cute oversized cardigan to keep you warm, top it off with a cute scarf, pull your hair back for a fresh and chic look and voila! You're good to go in less than 10 minutes.

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