Basket weave hats are a simple and sweet accessory to add to every summer wardrobe. I see these hats a lot on campus with many different styles and outfits, and they definitely catch attention as there tipped off the top of the head to still show off the Fashionistas beautiful hair. Straw hats come in different styles, sizes, and they have added accessories on them for the most part. Every Fashionista should have one if you’re into accessorizing beyond jewelry. How do you wear basket weave straw hats? Most Fashionistas with long flowing hair either have their hair straightened or curly with the hat hanging off the back of their heads. If you choose to wear the hat fully over your head, purchase an oversized basket weave straw hat to cover from the sun, and you can also add sunglasses to top off the look, with a soft floral dress or top and shorts for a beach look. Fashionistas with short hair tend to wear the hat the same way but a little more on top of the head. These hats look good with almost everything from cotton dresses, T-shirts and jeans, and floral tops with swimsuits.

This Fashionista has incorporated her short hair cut and blazer look with a basket weave hat. This look is quite the simplest way to go for the hat look, to turn a semi business casual outfit to completely casual, an accessory can do just that. This Fashionista has not only incorporated the basket weave hat as an accesorie to her simply sweet outfit but also added the earring connected to the chain piece to add some spice and a chic touch. Its many ways Fashionistas and Fashionistos can pull off the basket weave hat look and it is one natural look that will in my opinion never go out of style.

Next time you shop buy a basket weave hat from one of CollegeFashionistas favorite and affordable stores just to add that option to your wardrobe, and like I always say add your own touches. If it’s a plain basket weave hat add a feather or a pin to it to signify your look.

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