When I spotted this week’s Fashionista her green crossover coat caught my eyes first… then I spotted her fur wrap and fell in love with the entire ensemble. The color as well as the cut of the jacket is perfect, the fur adds individuality and the fuschia lip color gives the outfit a total '70s feel.

The coat is actually sort of an oversized blazer, a style that can be found in many stores right now (as well as basically every thrift store). The coat is loose fitting, which gives it the desired masculinity, a big trend at the moment. Because of its loose fit and its tendency to look a little more masculine, the cut is very important. The coat has to sit right otherwise it will look like you’re wearing your dad’s old coat… and unless your dad’s coat is absolutely fabulous that is not a look you want to go for.

The crossover coat is always very simple and clean, which allows you to combine it with more or less everything: whatever suits you best. If you like to keep things simple and “clean,” play with the masculinity of the coat and wear a button-up shirt and a bold lip color, or give the outfit a more feminine look by adding a floating shirt or one with a print or ruffles.

If you want to accessorize or personalize the look of your coat add a broche to the lapels of it! Again, thrift stores will have some very unique pieces at an affordable price.



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