As I have stated many times before, FIDM’s sense of style and ability to attract fashion trends are anything but the norm.  Each student has their own unique way of altering their outfit to fit their own personal needs.  Whether it’s a lazy Monday morning, to a final presentation outfit, each student has the ability to create an ensemble that is distinctive.  With this said, I spotted this particular Fashionisto lounging around in the sun in our school's courtyard, where students are able to take a quick break from classes and enjoy the warm Indian summer afternoon. 

This week’s Fashionisto is sporting the ever-so trendy cut-off jean shorts.  While inquiring about his outfit, he informed me that he took an old pair of jeans, and chopped them to his liking, creating a perfect pair of shorts for a hot September day.  Luckily enough for us Angelenos, we are able to enjoy the warm weather for a few more weeks, stretching out summer as long as possible.  Though we are transitioning into fall, students around campus can get away with summer-like apparel.  This Fashionisto wears his jeans cut offs, with his staple black vans and a pair of geek-chic glasses, giving him a chic, yet casual outfit for a day of school.  It’s great, simple outfit and allows him to be comfortable in the warm weather!

Looking for a pair of jeans to hack off and make your own “jorts?”  Look into your wardrobe, and pick a pair of jeans you hardly wear!  Pair it with a pop of color, and a pair of fall booties.  Accessorize with a cuff, and an original ring, and call it a casual Monday outfit.  The cut-offs are a perfect staple item.  Not sure what to wear for the day?  Grab your cut offs.  One can pair it with almost anything and create a chic little ensemble that is ideal for a basic day at school.

So though the cut-off may be looked at in a simplistic view, have fun with the idea of creating your own pair of shorts.  Make them long, short, fringed, whatever you prefer.

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