They’re back. Yes, they may remind you a bit of '90s grunge wear, but what is wrong with a little '90s throwback in your life? Over the past few seasons, the button-up has become a major staple item in all fashionable wardrobes. It can easily bring a playful vibe to a structured outfit; pair it with a black pencil skirt, and it will instantly juxtapose its professionalism. What I love so much about the denim shirt is that it walks the fine line between masculinity and femininity. It works in a variety of different ways, making it the perfect staple item for any Fashionista’s wardrobe.

I found this week’s Fashionista sitting outside on the steps, looking effortlessly chic. Though it was a gloomy day for Los Angeles, this Fashionista was bold enough to wear a mini skirt, and actually get away with it! What drew my attention of course was her denim shirt. I loved the way she incorporated it into her ensemble. With a simple tissue T-shirt, she wears her denim shirt as a layering device. She then paired it with her tribal-like skirt (which she created herself!), and her black combat boots. She created the perfect contrast between rugged and girly. Plus, her edgy haircut adds an alternative vibe to her outfit.

This denim shirt is different from this week’s Fashionista’s, but I like the idea of the fitted look as well. It can be paired off with a skirt, or just your every day dark denim. A pair of booties and a simple bracelet will help pull together the look. If you’re looking for the more casual version of a denim shirt, try Levi’s denim shirt. It looks great over a pair of colored denim, or even tucked into a skirt.

Either way you chose, the denim shirt is a must-have item for this winter. Play around with different ways of wearing it. It’s a fantastic layering piece, so finding a place in your wardrobe won’t be difficult!

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