Recently I watched The September Issue, a documentary capturing the rigorous preparations of Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor-in-chief, for the 2007 fall fashion issue. I was absolutely amazed by the influence of Anna in the fashion industry. Especially when I saw notorious designers become weak at the knees by the mere presence of Anna. Ultimately, the documentary showed how Anna was the dictator of the fashion world. This made me question my own participation in the fashion. Week by week I write about the hot trends of the season, which Anna probably came up with, but is that what fashion is really about? Does following trends make someone fashionable? This Fashionisto inspired me to change up my style advice of the week. Instead of following a hot trend of the season, my advice to you is to have fun with fashion and most importantly, to be you. Just because this young man’s crooked fedora hat, pink tie and khaki vest aren’t exactly the hot trends for this spring, doesn’t mean he isn’t a Fashionisto. Trends are just guidelines. The most valuable thing to have is your own fashion sense. This man is a Fashionisto because he knows how to stand out amongst the crowd, in a good way, without following this year's fashion trends.

Even though I completely respect the opinion of Anna, ultimately what is fashionable is entirely up to me and the same goes for you. Even Coco Chanel would say, “The best color in the world, is the one that looks good on you!”

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