STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Five Minute Fashionista

Some days it can feel like a struggle to roll out of bed for class, much less even get dressed decently for that 8:00 A.M. introduction psychology class. Thank goodness a cute outfit can be thrown together without resorting to sweats. Take a leaf from this Fashionista’s book and rummage around on your bedroom floor until you find enough to constitute a workable outfit. When you oversleep your alarm clock and only have a few minutes to get ready, sometimes you have to rely on what is within arm’s reach.   

This week’s Fashionista shows how to pull off the casually chic “just rolled out of bed” look. Her chunky nautical-striped sweater looks cozy and cute. She puts a cool spin on the skinnies and boots look by cuffing the bottom of her jeans over the top of her lace-ups. Scarves, especially in bold colors like this one, are always a fail-safe way to upgrade any outfit. And, you can never go wrong looking warm and comfortable.  

To look this effortlessly put together with the least amount of work, check out these cool lace-up boots and shrug on this sweater. Men's sweaters work nicely because they are just oversized enough to drape nicely, without looking overly sloppy. Top it off with a pretty scarf and you are ready to tackle that early morning pop quiz.    


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