STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Flattering Fitted Blazer Meets the Oversized Scarf

Even though we all love a tailored blazer, accessorizing with such a signature piece can become quite the challenge. That’s why we’ve fallen in lust with the ever so popular oversized scarf. This comfy combination is perfect for the unpredictable weather that makes up September. Whether it’s rainy one minute or the sun is shining the next, pairing this duo is the right way to embrace fall.

This week’s Fashionista appears to have mastered the blazer and scarf combination as she headed to class on a rare sunny September day. This mixture of two versatile pieces adds a feminine yet professional look to any outfit. While this Fashionista paired hers with vintage flare jeans, try adding leggings, skinny jeans and paper bag skirts for a unique take on this look. The blazer-scarf trend is so easy to please that it can be worn any way. This Fashionista took her outfit from ordinary to extraordinary when she decided to add suspenders into the mix, an accessory not many can pull off.  Try adding in your own unique accessory to complete your outfit.

One of the best things about this style is that both classic pieces can be purchased with a college budget. Better yet, buy a thrifted yet fitted men’s blazer for a vintage vibe. While you can shop wallet-friendly, both styles have also had their separate fall debuts on the runways of Mulberry and Emilio Pucci. This week, boost your style up a notch and attempt the blazer-scarf combo, and then you’ll see it truly is a match made in fashion.


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