I'm always impressed when I see a Fashionista perfectly on color trend. Both guys and girls on campus have already been hiding in their clothes in this cold, New York weather, bringing out the all-black and brown outfits. This Fashionista impressed me with her ability to dress seasonal, but still stylish. She paired her fall-floral, leave-covered crop top with the most beautiful, orange skirt I've ever laid my eyes on. She emphasized the skirt with chunky, high-heeled clogs, a simple, chained belt, and an adorable side braid.

Fiery orange was one of my favorite color trends from the spring 2012 runway collections. From Michael Kors, a designer worn and loved by almost everyone at Marist, orange was all over the runway. There was a tribal dress in fiery colors that was breath taking, and even eye-worthy orange in his men's outwear look. Another favorite, Charlotte Ronson, also ended her collection with four, flawless orange outfits, such as this flouncy dress.

Orange can be a very hard color to pull off. The color has such a vivacious personality, and it takes extreme confidence to wear. As we all know, popular culture can sometimes dominate fashion. The Hunger Games, one of the most popular trilogies of our time, is currently being made into a movie that releases this spring. It centers on Katniss Everdeen, who is called “The Girl on Fire.” Katniss's stylist, Cinna, notices how independent and fiery Katniss is and decides to dress her in clothes that are actually on fire, in order to reflect her dominant personality. The “Girl on Fire” persona has hit home with many fans and fashion lovers alike, and the oranges and reds have shown up on both the runway and at fashion stores. “The Hunger Games” is especially loved on college campuses, and I love the idea of a trend popping up and possibly being inspired by a popular read, and soon to be popular film.

Modcloth is one of my go-to online stores when it comes to shopping for unique finds. This “firework-hued,” flare skirt is bold and beautiful. I would pair it with a crop top similar to today's Fashionista, or maybe with a button down denim shirt from a thrift store, such as Goodwill or Salvation Army. Burnt orange is also a huge trend at Topshop right now, and I love these skinny, motorcycle jeans, Colored jeans are so in right now, and what's better than rocking them in the fiery and trendy orange?

Set fire to the fall with orange hues in your outfits! Be it a short skirt, pair of skinny jeans, or even a chunky scarf, orange is a can't miss color for this season. Bring out your inner “girl on fire,” and don't be afraid of dressing dynamically!

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