Glitter to a Fashionista is equivalent to a tempted moth to a bright light, it’s only natural. There is something about a mass amount of sequin that is effortlessly chic, luxurious, and in slight contradiction…plain old fabulous. Why not be adorned in something that allows you to shine and be enveloped with your own personal lighting reflector. Of course there is a limit one should not be a complete disco ball or the aftermath of a Lady Gaga concert. When done right it looks intensely glamorous and full of fun. In the end it’s about wanting to feel good and allowing your piece (and yourself) to make a statement.
My favorite piece in particular is a sequin blazer. Glitter doesn’t always have to be a cliché feminine detail on ruffled dresses or clutches. It can look well tailored, modern, and be a fresh approach to everyday outerwear.

This Fashionista caused a stir on the stairwell with her golden sequin blazer matched perfectly with a easy white tank, distressed denim shorts, and lace up commando boots. She looks cool, full of energy, and striking a bit of an edge. It’s about creating a balance and having a day time appeal. With pairing your glitter piece of choice try not to overload with too many distracting accessories. Keeping it simple with a neutral palette actually makes a bold approach compared to putting too much conflicting bright colors. To bring it back to fall try accessorizing with a black scarf or even a grey thermal jumper. It’s the right amount of wow factor to spruce up winter favorites.

Of course you can find your sparkle blazer in variations. Try black for more formal affairs and pair it with a tuxedo inspired white shirt and skinny black trousers. With the gold you can even try pairing it with a soft maxi dress to capture a flowing silhouette. Silver is my version of holiday classic so go with other textures like velvet to embrace the season. The charkle metal is something strong but still an everyday look that goes seamlessly with leather leggings and an oversized tee. There will always be something for you and when you find the perfect blazer don’t be surprised if you’re doing the glitter bug.

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