What’s the one item that will never go out of style for the summer months? Well that would be sunglasses of course. But in particular the Wayfayer glasses that were originally made popular by Ray-Ban in 1952. The Wayfayers have gone through several revivals since the 1950’s but have been making a comeback the past couple of years. In 2001, Ray-Ban did a redesign of the Wayfayer frame making them smaller and less angled. A celebrity favorite since its development, the Wayfayer shades has been seen on the likes of Robert Pattinson in Twilight to Tom Cruise in Risky Business. The Wayfayer has built its way up to become an American icon. The Wayfayer shape is a classic that will never go out of style. They are particularly great because they go with well, just about everything. The Wayfayer frames look great on every face shape and look fabulous on both men and women.

To get the original Wayfayer frame check out Ray-Ban for a great variety of colors and offers the selection of the classic and the2001 redesigned frames. If looking for a less expensive option Forever 21, Urban Outfitter, 80’s Purple and H&M all have great selections that look just like the real deal. Also check out Ebay for a great selection of vintage Wayfayers. Getting a great pair of Wayfayer glasses is the perfect item to snag this summer as they will last you forever and are a classic timeless piece that is around to stay.

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