One of the many things that my mother has taught me over the past twenty years is that how you present yourself is just as imperative to the work that you accomplish — I never quite understood the importance of her advice until I began my first internship. I caught this Fashionista leaving her Foggy Bottom apartment en route to her internship at Advanced Network Strategies on Capitol Hill and her outfit speaks to her personality: smart, simple and focused.

Whether you work on Capitol Hill or in Georgetown, it is important not to be caught in distracting attire. This is outfit is the perfect balance of less is more, fun colors and sophistication. The modest length and simple pattern of this Fashionista’s tailored chiffon skirt makes for a comfortable and stylish staple. The contrast between the earthy tones of the skirt and the pastel blouse are trendy while the long sleeves add a professional touch. 

As someone who loves accessories, I find it hard to constrain myself from wearing several major statement pieces to work, but this Fashionista highlighted her outfit with an oversized watch. The beauty behind her timepiece is the detailing: the textured brown leather and gold accents are versatile and wearing a watch keeps interns looking professional and on top of things. A delicate necklace, simple earrings and a David Yurman ring keeps jewelry minimal, yet chic. A crossbody is ideal for any intern on-the-go because it is light and can hold the necessities — no one wants to stress over lugging a large tote while on the metro or walking to the office.

When it comes to creating the perfect intern outfit there is no need to go on a major hunt through retail stores, many of these pieces are sitting in your closet or in jewelry box just waiting to be paired together! My favorite everyday jewelry staples are my Gorjana Alphabet Charm Necklace and my Michael Kors Dylan Watch, which are simple enough on their own to fit into my intern wardrobe. Take out all of the fun skirts you would sport on a typical spring weekend, like the Kaley Pleated Skirt by BB Dakota, and instead of pairing it with a white T-shirt, add a simple silk blouse. When it comes to footwear, every intern will tell you ballet flats are the way to go. For those who are a little more daring, you can always have more fun with your accessories as long as the rest of the outfit is the essence of simplicity. My recommendation would be play up your shoes: fans of the embossed look will like Pour La Victoire’s Bre Flats because the print is fun but the color scheme still is neutral.

When it comes to fashion, it is important for people to show their personalities and who they really are, but when at work it is important to find the perfect balance between representing yourself and representing the company you work for. Keeping textures balanced and color schemes simple will not only make dressing for your internship much easier, but it means your boss will see you as an ambitious student as opposed to being distracted by what you're wearing.

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