Just yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine about how a good bag (next to the right shoes) is one of the most important parts of an outfit. A lot of people, especially students, can’t afford a really good quality bag, and often go for the cheap 20-30 dollar version instead. And while that is understandable, investing in a good bag is just that: an investment. A good bag, with the right care, will last you for many years. Choose a classic style that suits your lifestyle and your personal style and you won’t regret spending the extra bucks.

This week’s Fashionista, for example, chose a simple messenger bag, which is perfect for her and her lifestyle. She can fit all her books, her laptop and whatever else she needs in the bag, and still look cute and stay loyal to her personal style.

As a student, a medium size bag that’s big enough to fit notebooks and a laptop inside is perfect. Avoid a bag too small or too big, because neither will be a piece you can use in your everyday life, which is what you want out of a bag that you have spent a certain amount of money on.

Personally, I’d go for a simple style, because those will go with any outfit and are less likely to be something you’ll eventually grow out off (unlike bags with glitter or big prints).  And with the holidays just around the corner, maybe a great new bag is just the (investment) present you should treat yourself to — after all, you just made it through a rough semester, right?

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