STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Jacket Makes the Intern

Landing an internship is a great accomplishment and while you can't wear your ordinary summer attire to the work place, you can still show off some stylish trends and still look professional. There are millions of different styles for every article of clothing including skirts, shoes and especially jackets.

A jacket can either make or break an outfit and this Fashionista chose the perfect one to complement her simple, but stylish internship attire. An internship is all about the professional look, but a jacket can spice it up in a subtle way that will definitely still get noticed. This Fashionista's jacket is called the ringerbearer's jacket and it looks simple in the front, but in the back it has a very unique style to it. Her shirt underneath is tucked into her skirt, so it prevents too much of a cluster between the shirt and jacket, giving it a well fitted look. Without the jacket, this fashionista still looks very stylish and professional, but the jacket definitely doesn't break the outfit when put on, it gives it an extra edge that shows a unique and personal style choice.

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