Denim jackets, whether from your mom's closet or fresh off the rack, will always have a presence in fashion. The charm about the jean jacket is its distinctive look, but endless versatility. Depending on what you choose to wear it with, there is a style in every genre for the jean jacket. Add boots for a western feel, a maxi dress for bohemian, a graphic T for edgy, or a mini dress for sweet.

Today's Fashionista mixes classic and western with her dark-wash denim jacket and red accented-boots. She wears her jacket unbuttoned and rolled at the sleeves, evoking the effortless cool of a character like Sloan Peterson from favorite high school classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She lets the jacket be the focal point of the outfit, wearing a simple gray buttoned shirt underneath with dark toned skinny-cut pants. She gives the look a last pinch of flare with her red accented black cowboy boots, keeping the look young and personalized.

Hint: When looking for a good jean jacket, make sure it is fitted to your body and not too boxy. Try getting a cropped jean jacket for a more contemporary take on this classic look. And check out how other campus Fashionista's are wearing this trend, like at the faded, vintage jacket at Indiana University or the “moto styled” jean jacket at George Washington University

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